Back on Track? Exploring Resilience

April 21st, 2020

Well that’s been an interesting 4 weeks!

From complete clarity to total uncertainty in the blink of an eye, are you experiencing anxieties around loss of control and having difficulty adapting to our new social conditions?

I certainly was, a diary full of dressage training and judging, a year of wonderful development workshops and transformational coaching programmes all cancelled, my initial reaction was to shut up shop and go into hibernation, my motivation had gone through the floor.

Initially some self care and inactivity can be a good thing, trying to carry on as normal in a very abnormal situation is a very stressful activity. There is a need to stop, re-evaluate our lives and create a new sense of purpose to get our goals and aspirations back on track. Forming some sort of routine, however basic is fundamental in creating stability and a sense of purpose.

I found this diagram on Facebook from Jezra Kaye, I think it’s an excellent illustration of the stages we all may be going through.

Time to practice what I preach;

Having the horses to feed every morning has given me the platform to build my routine on, just getting out of bed, getting dressed and going into the kitchen for breakfast might be yours. At first that was all I could manage, then I started to add domestic chores, I’ve cleaned the house within an inch of its life, carrying on my de-clutter and clean for Lent and then over Easter I managed to get some bedding plants delivered and the garden is looking lovely.


It took 2 weeks for me to get to grips with the new normal and by taking little baby steps I’m back on track with my goals for 2020 albeit in a slightly different format. Lockdown has presented me with opportunities to reach out and do something different. I’ve learnt how to conduct Zoom meetings, created webinars and am taking the time to expand my knowledge.


I will be running some bitesize webinars and online workshops for those of you who would like some inspiration regarding resilience, goal setting and motivation, sign up to my newsletter for more details.

Anyone with fears and anxieties I have 1:1 coaching slots available via Zoom or FaceTime with a free initial consultation if you contact me via the webpage form.