Personal Development Coaching

Everyone has a different view of the world and each individuals interpretation of events will determine their behaviour in response to that event. NLP is a model of communication, how we communicate to self and others and how that communication creates and affects our behaviour. NLP allows you to work with your unconscious mind to re-programme unhelpful patterns of thinking, it can be described as ‘an instruction manual for the mind’ on the journey to becoming who you want to be.

NLP has many applications in life:

Individualised 1:1 coaching

Designed to help you review your life goals, identify what it is you want to change and support you on your journey to becoming who you want to be. Everyone has the ability to reach those goals within themselves and with the right map of the world it’s easy. I can act as your ‘sat nav’ on life’s journey

Phobia Busting

Do you have a debilitating fear of flying? Are you petrified by spiders or paralysed by heights? I can assist you to release these life limiting phobias in a single session. Using a gentle and proven neuro-linguistic coaching technique to show you how to re-programme irrational responses.

Personal Development Workshops

A series of interactive workshops designed to help you set an achievable personal development plan. Suitable for organisational staff development programmes as well as individuals, topics on such subjects as:

  • Goal setting
  • Values and beliefs
  • Resilience
  • Communication
  • Stress management
  • Time management

Confidence Coaching

Do you lack that self-belief?

Are you paralysed by anxiety and nerves?

Using gentle and proven coaching techniques I can show you how to work with your unconscious mind changing your mind set from negative to positive and turning potential into success.

Perfect for those important interviews and exams or for a wider perspective on life-goals and personal achievement.

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    I was looking for some guidance and direction in how to approach and attain my goal and I believe I have now got this.

    - Workshop Attendee, St Helens

    Can't explain how much I got from Sandra Edwards self development course yesterday. I will definitely be back.
    Jane Weatherell  via Fb 8.7.19

    - Personal Development Workshop

    Hi Sandra, the flight was good! I was a bit anxious on takeoff but nowhere near as bad as usual then after that I was fine and I managed to sleep and actually slept through breakfast! Haha thank you!!!!!!! :-)

    - Joan, fear of flying – via text 3/8/19

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