Insights into Neuro Linguistic Programming

Date: 09/03/2021

Location: On Line Zoom Webinar

Are you curious?

Are you ready to think differently and accelerate your journey to success?

All businesses and organisations whatever their size, sector or philosophy will have effective communication at its heart. Spoken and written communications have changed dramatically in recent times, emails and texts instead of letters and phone calls, highly visual, instant, abbreviated communication.

NLP is about effective communication in all its forms. From academic and therapeutic roots, NLP has evolved into a modern, contemporary practice that is used globally by some of the top companies in the world.

An informative webinar to introduce you to the science and history behind this different way of thinking.


What is NLP, the science and history behind the practice

5 principles for success

NLP communication model

Thinking differently with NLP

Responsibility for change

The human capacity for change


An investment of £15 to start your journey to success.   Registration via Zoom link;



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